Pepperl+Fuchs Elcon has developed a complete line of HART interface solutions for implementing asset management strategies in your plant. HIS allows you to connect your HART instrumentation to asset management systems like AMS Device Manager from Emerson Process Management, and to exploit the intelligence in those devices for diagnostics, maintenance, automatic documentation and on-line configuration. The HIS family of solutions has been designed from the ground up to extract the digital HART signal without disturbing or compromising the communication between the field devices and the distributed control system (DCS) or programmable logic controller (PLC).

With an open protocol like HARTŪ, you are no longer forced to adopt proprietary protocols from system vendors. HIS allows you to connect all your HART field devices from any vendor-to AMS Device Manager, in conjunction with any DCS or PLC. HIS and AMS Device Manager give you access to all your device power and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Control System Independent - We have developed a customized solution for every system. We have replacement panels and external solutions to fit every application. 
  • Exploit the full power of your instrumentation - All the configuration and diagnostics capabilities of your HART instruments are now accessible on-line with AMS Device Manager and HIS. 
  • Intrinsic Safety Solutions -Elcon has developed a complete line of intrinsic safety (IS) solutions fully compatible with HIS. 
  • Control Integrity - Robust design, guarantees the integrity of the control signal. 
  • Integral HARTŪ Filtering and Integral Impedance Boosting. 
  • Cost Effective - HIS is exceptional value. Installation costs are kept to a minimum with our custom solutions. We have a solution for every application. 
  • Implementation expertise. We have a complete service organization worldwide to help you configure and install your HIS solution. 

HIS is designed to interface to, or replace, the control system termination panel and to provide access to all the digital information available from HART instruments. In addition, plug-in style isolating barriers provide an intrinsically safe system compliant for hazardous areas. This ability is added with no disruption to the control signal, thus ensuring secure operations.

HIS also includes a complete range of Remote Fieldbus I/O solutions.


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